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Rustic Mornings

Because of a friend introduction and the helplessly gorgeous interiors and garden of a certain house-turned-resto in Marikina, I’m falling for brunch food again!

Last Sunday,  I got acquainted with Rustic Mornings, which seems to be the daytime resto of Isabelo Garden restaurant, since it is run by the owner of the latter but serves brunch food only until four in the afternoon.

A huge banner of Rustic Mornings lead me to the entrance. We got to choose whether to eat outside and get a serene view of the rest of the place or inside the house, just as just as quaint and lovely.  The owners actually designed the place to serve as a venue for prenup pictorials as well. That’s how romantic the place is, with blue and white as the color theme. Adorned with little trinkets like used bottles of perfumes, it’s the kind of place where you and your girl friends or family bond and have long conversations over good food.

Andrew and I ordered all our meals from the Rustic Mornings section of the menu. We had to try out their very best!



French toast, herbed hash browns, and (crispy) bacon


Waffles, buffalo chicken strips, and salad


Country omelette – bacon, potato, cheese, and leeks

All meals came in big plates! Everything was delicious, especially their omelette and hash browns! My jeans hurt my tummy! Thinking about that glorious food experience – and those were just three dishes we tried – makes me feel tingly inside. I love good food.

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